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Treat Street – Your ultimate destination of Fun n Frolic

Sundays are meant to have some fun. Wondering how to spend your Sunday evening with some interesting activities like painting, shopping, munching or dancing? Just imagine finding all the wacky things to do in the wackiest way possible on just one street – ‘TREAT STREET’! Yes, you heard it right! It is an initiative by Wisdom High International School for people who believe in enjoying life to its fullest. Walk, talk, jump, stroll or do anything to rediscover simple pleasures of life on this street. Be it an adolescent, a teen, an adult or a senior citizen; this is going to be the most exciting “Back To School” event for everyone to be a child again. After all, why should kids have all the fun! Read on to know more about the fun activities at Treat Street.

Painting Station 

Painting, they say, is something that the kids love. Honestly, that’s just generalization! We know everybody out there just loves painting. Painting on a canvas is an old story now. Treat Street is offering you a canvas that never ends – that’s a space as huge as a road! Paint your heart out with pastels or neon colours on a space available for everyone and anyone. Paint your imagination and make it visible to everyone out there!

Workshop Station    

Have you tried decorating your own cupcake? Treat Street makes it easy for all the cupcake lovers to eye your favourite flavour and decorate it with multicoloured creams, sprinkles, etc. at the cupcake making workshop. To add to the fun, other workshops like flower making, shoe painting, bottle painting will keep the kids occupied.      

Flea Market

Treat Street is an amalgamation of the traditional and the modern worlds. It is a plethora of things waiting to fulfil those shopping craving that you have for pretty dresses, funky tees, accessories, shoes, bags, and the list can go on. It’s your paisa vasool time, so hunt down your favourites!

Tattoo Station

Feel like getting some wild tattoo designs on your body? Get on your feet and head to the tattoo station. With some magical colours and amazing designs, a tattoo can fulfil all your fantasies too!

Food Station

Foodies… Here’s your chance to plunge on street food you were longing to gulp down your throat. From junk food to healthy food, every morsel is worth giving a chance. To get a real feel of the city food, you must taste the tempting dishes offered at the small eateries of Treat Street.

Photo Station

Funky props, weird faces and funny poses is what our photo booth all about. Make every moment memorable with just a click. This is truly how you can keep your inner child alive.

Game Station

Go bonkers by jumping on a Trampoline or win over your friend in a fun game like a giant-sized snake and ladders at the game station. Fun games with fun friends will call for a fun day!

Music Station

Treat Street might look impossible without some live band performances, right? Music enthusiasts… These live bands will be there to raise some energy levels and make you groove like never before. We don’t want you to go home without mumbling some musical words and hip-hopping to the tunes of music.

What’s more? Pet lovers get a chance to ‘pet a puppy’ whenever they want. Social media buffs can click as many pictures as you want with the cutest puppies around till these cute pictures overstuff your phone memory. So what are you waiting for? End your Diwali vacations and celebrate children's week with some crazy fun at Treat Street. Get your loved ones and let their inner child rise to heaven!

To know more about the fun n frolic at Treat Street, call +917770016870